The Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme (KDWSP) is a faith based organisation aimed at meeting the needs of the rural poor and water stressed communities in the Diocese of Kigezi. The diocese shares the same boundaries as Kabale District in south west Uganda. The KDWSP is a unit under the Department of Planning and Development within the Kigezi Diocese.

The following video clip shows how tough it is for local communities who don’t have access to clean water and how the KDWSP transforms lives.

Our churches have supported the KDWSP since 2009 and members of our church visited the project in 2010. The KDWSP is one of a number of projects which are sponsored by the Christian charity Tearfund and our funding of the KDWSP is via Tearfund.

Picture of 2010 visit

St Thomas’ visit to KDWSP (2010)

KDWSP has its own web site and Facebook page

For more information please contact Chris Wooff