Our vision is to sustainably feed the people of Ashton both physically and spiritually.

We opened Ashton Pantry, a Church Wigan food outlet, in May 2021 in one side of the church hall. We work with other pantries in Church Wigan and are supported by a great team of volunteers! Our intercepted food comes from local warehouses, supermarkets, local fast food outlets and any other sources we can find. This food may be close to its best before date or beyond in some case, but is perfectly edible and too good to throw away! We don’t ever provide food past its use by date.

The pantry is open on

  • Tuesdays 11-12
  • Thursdays 1:30-3
  • Saturdays 11-12
  • Sunday 3-4

We operate on a #PayAsYouFeel basis with an annual membership subscription of £5 and we ask for a minimum contribution of £3 per visit towards our running costs (we need to buy much of the food). We let people know if we have an abundance of certain items and other information on our Facebook page.

We are open as a Warm Space with refreshments for half an hour before opening each day.

The current pantry accommodation is only a temporary arrangement as we are working towards setting up a purpose built food pantry and commercial grade kitchen in the middle of the two wings of the hall. The kitchen will provide #PayAsYouFeel meals using intercepted food and buying in additional food when needed. We aim to deliver cooking classes to help build people’s confidence to cook from scratch. Ready meals, cakes and other items are for sale to help raise money for this project and additional donations are also welcome.

If you would like to support our building project, you can donate here