Church Music

The worship in our churches is blessed by the existence of a choir and a music group. Information on St Thomas’ choir fill follow in due course.

St Thomas’ Music Group

There has been a music group in one form or another since the early 1990s. It started when several musicians got together, initially to play for the children during the morning Sunday services and at holiday clubs. The band play at most 10.45  Sunday services and have also led the worship on many, many other occasions and in many different places.

Gradually over the years the band expanded and were reinvented in many different forms using a wide range of instruments. Over fifty different people have been involved; some for a matter of weeks others for many years. Many of the group which now plays have been involved since they were children.

The vast amount of music that the band plays was written in the last twenty years or so but they also adapt older hymns. At one time they were playing music as it rolled off the presses of eminent Christian music publishers. Unfortunately that does not happen at present but they do have a wide repertoire.

The group would welcome new blood with open arms especially if they are able to play guitar, keyboard or drums. It is a privilege to use your abilities to serve God in this way.