Children’s Activities

Here you will find access to a variety of activities and things of interest to keep children occupied whilst our church buildings are closed.

This week we’re looking at how Jesus sent out his disciples to tell them about the good news of who He is and how He also wants us to go out to let other people know how much He loves them. Our session is based on the bible reading in Matthew 28:16-20 . In this passage Jesus has summoned his disciples to a mountain in Galilee. He tells them that all authority is His and that they should make disciples all over the world, baptising them and teaching them to obey His commandments. He promises to be with them always

The following video tells you the same story in an interesting way.

  • We’ve got some great crafts for you to try this week. Try to make a foot path to onto to a length of paper. The footprints can be painted, coloured or cut from coloured paper. When you’ve finished, add the words: Jesus commanded: go, make disciples of all nations.
  • Next, make a picture of the world maybe using a paper plate as a template and on it write: Jesus commanded: go and make disciples of all nations.
  • Here are some hearts for you to print off and then make into a shamrock.