Here you can access a variety of activities, crafts, videos and music to help your child to grow in faith as they explore God’s word.

The theme is taken from this week’s reading – Matthew 13:1-19 the parable of the sower


Take a children’s Bible and place some seeds inside, then use it as you tell the story.

Jesus was a great storyteller. He told very special stories called parables. These helped everyone to know more about God.

Jesus said, ‘A farmer went to sow seeds.
(open the Bible and let the seeds fall out)

Some of the seed fell on the path and was eaten by the birds.
(fly hand down and pick up some seeds)

Some of the seed fell on the rocks and was burned by the sun.
(make sun rays with your hand and pick up some seeds)

Some of the seed fell onto weeds.
These seeds grew but were choked by the weeds.
(grasp hands together and pick up some seeds)

But some fell on good soil.
These seeds grew into strong and healthy plants.’
(encourage the children to reach up high)


This week we have two videos for you to watch!


There are two crafts for you to try: growing some cress seeds to remind us of the parable of the sower which Jesus gave us and creating a basket of paper flowers. You might also like to colour the pictures on the colouring sheet.

We’d also encourage you to use imagine how you could depict the parable.

Worship Video

Finally we have a great worship video for you to enjoy.