We are hosting a mid-week-long programme of Advent afternoon teas and early evening suppers on Monday-Thursday of the week 12 -15 December at 39 Edward Drive, WN4 8QU.

These are social events with: a little prayer, a little food and drink, a little reading out-loud, a lot of fellowship, and, in a table-top game, we hope to raise some modest funds for the Children’s Society appeal.


These events – two teas and two suppers – for 10-12 invitees will occur on Monday-Thursday of the third week in Advent as follows:

Monday 12 December 2022Advent Supper19 00 – 21 00
Tuesday 13 December 2022Advent Tea14 00 – 16 00
Wednesday 14 December 2022Advent Supper19 00 – 21 00
Thursday 15 December 2022Advent Tea14 00 – 16 00

A price of £3.00 we hope will make it as inclusive as possible.  Invitees can pre-arrange to book with friends, although would be bound to meet and sit with others, thus sharing our table and community of Christian fellowship.  All proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Society.


Reservations are essential, on a first come first served (literally) basis.  We look forward to hosting members and friends of our church community with: the warmth of our burning stove; our Christmas trees; and, a glass of the Oxford Bishop.

To book a confirmed place:

Telephone/Voicemail: 01942 202848 e-mail:


Maurice and Alison Smith and Molly the Collie