Sue writes:

I am so looking forward to joining you all in Wigan South and working alongside Jeremy and the team.  Many of you will probably know me as I have been in and around Wigan for all of my life.  I was ordained in 2004 and have been serving as a Self-Supporting Minister at St Mark’s Newtown and most recently in the Town Centre Hub.  Before that I was a Reader at St Mark’s.

I am married to Mike who works for the NHS as a Community Learning Disability Nurse.  We celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in September.  At the moment we live in Newtown but hope to move into the area soon.

Being brought up in a Christian family I have always known that God loved me.  I was 13 years old when I made the commitment to follow Jesus.  There have been many ups and downs, and times of great struggle, as I have walked the path of faith and discipleship but I have never doubted His love for me or His call on my life.

I love Wigan and especially the people.  I long to see everyone enjoying a living and loving relationship with Jesus.  I followed the route of Self-Supporting Ministry because of my deep love for and commitment to this town.  I never imagined that I would leave St Marks, where I have grown up, worshipped and served for all my 58 years, but two years ago I felt that God was calling me to something new.  After a period of waiting prayerfully it became clear that he was calling me to full time ministry. Late last year I took the opportunity to take early retirement from my job with Wigan Council to further explore this calling.  I am so excited to have this opportunity to serve God more fully and to join you all.

I pray that God will bless us as we go forward in His name.