Our churches support Rev Evas Kurama and her extended family. Evas is based in Kanungo diocese in sourh west Uganda. Each month a proportion of the money in our Africa fund is sent to her.  Here is a copy of our most recent letter from Evas.

Greetings in the Lord! This is Evas and family saying Hi to you all in St. Thomas’ church. It’s a long time since I last come to U.K I paid a short visit in 2009 in the evening service and I didn’t see most of you. I am happy to welcome the new vicar Jeremy and his wife Sue I hope one time will have a chance to see them. My family now, Iam happy to inform you that my children have grown up they are big boys and a big girl where they are now. Sam has finished his degree in Development Studies he has apart time job, at least he can look after himself. Fiona also finish her Degree business Statistics she is working at the Diocese as resource manager in Development. Joseph is now in Mukono University doing a masters in Human resource management, Ambrose is in a long vocation after doing his Diploma in Mechanics and he wants to continue with a degree next year.. Richard is now in his second year in Kyambogo University doing Quantitative Economics, Andrew the last born has joined Makere University doing Arts. Thanks you so much for your prayers and the support you have been sending to me where I was adding my salary and selling some of my property to get the fees for them. Apparently I sold my last piece of land to start them off. Sam and Phiona would help but they get little which can only support them, but it is also a blessing. But now I am on the Mercy of God he knows what will come next. For myself I do make sure that I have gardens where I can get food to support them. On lands I do grow beans, groundnuts, sweet potatoes, Cassava and matoke so as to get enough food for them because all of them who are at school are private students. They love God and they love studies and thank, you for your support and prayers, they do give me courage to continue working for them. I am still working at the Diocese as a Diocesan Mothers Union Co-ordinator.

May God bless you all.

In 2010 during our trip to Uganda we enjoyed the pleasure of spending a day with Evas.

Group picture including Evas

Meeting Evas and friends