“Is there more to life than this?” 

A question that we have all wondered about, well we’d like to encourage anyone who’d like to explore the issues of life further, to join us for our ten-week alpha course.

The alpha course runs worldwide and millions have attended the no-cost, no-commitment, no-nonsense sessions which cover subjects as diverse as ‘Who is Jesus?’ To ‘Does God heal today?’.

We’d love to welcome you to one of our new courses which start soon. There are four to choose from and the details are as follows:

  • Tuesday 26th September 7-8.30pm St Peter’s Bryn school
  • Wednesday 27th September 7-8.30pm St Aidan’s, Billinge
  • Thursday 28th September 9.30-11am Holy Trinity, Downall Green (with a crèche)
  • Sunday 1st October 6-7pm Youth Alpha in St Thomas’ vicarage

If you’d like more information then you can contact us using one of the mechanisms given in the Contact Us section at the bottom left hand side of any of our web pages.