We are working towards setting up a food pantry, supported by Church Wigan and other local churches, linked to Fur Clemt and the Real Junk Food Project.

We already intercept and share food from local supermarkets, warehouses and fast food outlets that would be thrown away and are open from 3.30-4pm every Sunday. Unfortunately, we do not have a dedicated space to store food and so we pass any remaining items to other food pantries by Monday morning. Our vision is to rebuild the middle section of the church hall to house a large pantry with a commercial grade kitchen behind it. The plan is for the pantry to be open five times a week and for a twice weekly community café using food that is close to or past it’s best before date. We will also be able to provide cooking classes to help build people’s confidence to cook from scratch using ingredients from the pantry.

If you would like to support this vision you can give here.