It’s a question that we’ve all asked from time to time. It’s the question of ‘purpose’

Everyone wonders what theirs may be, as Christians, we believe that God has got a very specific purpose for each one of us but how do we find out what that may be?

This Lent, we are taking a journey together as a church to ask these questions.  We have 40 days worth of readings, videos, discussion points and plans to help you with your purpose.  We’ve also prepared some special messages and talks for all our Sunday services for both congregations and we have small group resources as well for anyone who wants to ‘drill down’ even more in to develpong ind identifying gifting and callings.

We’d like to encourage everyone to take part, were reading the book (What on Earth am I here for?) and we’re also sharing some of our thoughts together partly by the use of social media.

If you’d like to join in, then email us your comments and thoughts on the readings and the services through lent,  you can also share them with us via our twitter account @stthomasstluke or read what others are saying via our dedicated STORIFY PAGE.

(Use the arrow keys to view some of the shared content through the forty days of Lent)